Syncing a parent Trello board with multiple child boards

Syncing with a single parent board and multiple child boards is a common use case for Board Genius. The main thing you want to avoid is cross syncing of cards amongst child boards. For example, a card syncing from child board 1 to the parent board should not then be synced from the parent board to child board 2. Cross syncing can be avoided by filtering which cards are synced from the parent board.

First, let's looks at some example boards that we want to sync. The parent board is the gray Acme Co. Main Board. The main board categorizes child tasks by "Green List", "Blue List" and "Red List". Each list syncs to the corresponding child board below the parent board in the screenshot:

To sync the child boards with the parent and the parent with each child board, you'll need to create a sync for each parent/child relationship. So if you have 3 child boards (like above), that would be 3 syncs:

1) Acme Co. Main Board <-> Green Child Board
2) Acme Co. Main Board <-> Blue Child Board
3) Acme Co. Main Board <-> Red Child Board

The sync setup for each parent<->child relationship filters on the corresponding Trello list in the parent board (when creating a filter, the list name is referred to as "status"). Cards that sync from the child to the parent are also placed in the correct list in the parent board. See the screenshot below for the example settings for the three sync setups created for this green/blue/red syncing scenario: